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Meet the Team

National Executives

June Bugenyi — President (+447747174565)

Joshua Olaleye — Vice President

Ethel Changa — General Secretary

Emily Kumwenda — Asst General Secretary

Egwolo Iyengunmwena — Treasurer

Kingsley Adipke — Publicity Secretary

Sarah Olaleye — Director, Family Affairs

Marina Abraham — Director, Youth

Abiodun Adeyemi  — Director ARAF

Samuel Olaleye — Director, Church Affairs

Structure & Organisation

The ACF is a registered Charity. (The UK Registered Charity No. 326834)

The management of the Fellowship is vested in a Board of Trustees, responsible for the Fellowship under the regulations of the UK Charities Commission.

An elected body called the National Executive Council (NEC) is responsible for the ‘day to day’ running of the fellowship and for coordinating the national programs and the activities of the Branches. The NEC comprises a President, Vice President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Secretary, Assistant Publicity Secretary and 2 Youth Representatives.

Policy and strategic issues are decided by a Joint Executive Council comprising members of the NEC and representatives from the branches of the Fellowship. The Fellowship also has a part-time administrator who works on a voluntary basis and deals with day to day correspondences and other secretarial duties. The branches of the Fellowship have their own elected officers who organize the activities of the branches.



Since the ACF aims to foster unity among the people of God, it works with various churches, Christian fellowships and voluntary organizations across the UK to advance the cause of the gospel and to provide relief to the needy. Several branches organize outreach and evangelism programmes in conjunction with local churches and fellowships. We enjoy particularly close association with:

  • The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship,
  • The Churches Commission on Overseas Students,
  • The African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance,
  • The Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians,
  • The Ghana Christian Fellowship,
  • The Sierra Leone Fellowship at Kensington Temple, London
  • The Zambian Fellowship in London
  • The French Church (of Togolese and Ivorians)
  • and many churches across the UK.